Zero Waste Week Day 2

Hi again everyone. We are now into day 2 of the Zero Waste Week, and I am feeling like I have made some real progress today.
For me the easiest way to be zero waste is to just be mindful of everything you are doing. Or at least when you remember to be. Its hard sometimes as we always run on auto pilot, but with practice we can all be more aware of what we are doing in the moment, rather than thinking about the past or future that are both out of our hands.

So today I was volunteering at one of the community gardens I supervise in South Birmingham. I had started a forest garden project so carried on with this.

One of our volunteers took lots of strawberry runner cuttings a few weeks back which were put in pots for the roots to take. I used these to cover the ground surface area. They will take off and give us a terrific covering which will prevent as many weeds growing. Some will still grow but in a design like this it’s usually minimal and actually beneficial to the soils and the eco system  that we are actually trying to design in the first place.

We also put in some rosemary cuttings, chive, comfrey, peppermint, spearmint and sage. All of these were cuttings from plants we already had. No new items were purchased.

The mound at the back was done today too.I’ll cover this in cardboard then a pile of compost on top then I will make a whitecurrant hedge.

Some of the volunteers helped me with this today and it was a great opportunity to get to learn more about them and continue my efforts of spreading seeds when it comes to togetherness, community, sustainable food production and sharing etc.

I told the other staff about zero waste week and the theme being zero food waste…  Again planting seeds. This time to people who already know the importance of not wasting food, but a reminder never goes a miss.

When leaving we shared out some food to volunteers. There was still some food and I took some so that it doesnt get wasted. Another staff member took carrots and I imagined the tops going in the bin so asked if she wanted me to take them and compost.

When I got home I needed a late lunch and some dinner.  As I mentioned yesterday I’m also on a no electric (apart from fridge and wifi) week too. Also I’m just generally being mindful of any waste. So I cooked both meals on one hob at the same time (yes it can be done!). For lunch I had spaghetti with tomatoes and chopped chard, then dinner was lentil soup. They were both amazing 🙂 there was a lot of steam and I almost put the extractor fan on but instead I just opened a window. I was also tempted to use the blender for my soup. Instead I mashed half of it with a potato masher, and then poured in the rest to add some stodge. I also used the starch water from the spaghetti I cooked in the bottom of the three tier steamer foe the soup.
If I had six tiers I wonder how many meals I could make… Hmmm

After lunch I decided to get my school stuff ready. I start back at college tomorrow. Im studying to do enviornmental science. For my notes I made a note folder which consists only of old letters that we dont need, and stuff we haven’t managed to stop coming through the letter box! The card folder was something I already had, but I think when I come into some card in future I can easily make some more of these myself!

I haven’t bought any new stationery at all. I simply dug out stuff from last year. My pencil case was no longer any use so I will now use this purple handkerchief to make one furoshiki (ancient cloth folding technique) style. The calculator is a scientific one made from recycled parts. I need this as I’m an aspiring scientist and we cant use phones in exams!

Finally today I showered under cold water while it heated up. Was pretty cod but scraped through till heat. Usually ill save it and use for plants, but they dont need any water today.

Thanks for reading, I’ll write again tomorrow 🙂


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